Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Nov. 29

I'm so happy, I just found out that one of my best friends, J.J., who is at college in the states, is coming back for Christmas! I haven't seen him since his graduation last year. It'll be so good to see him. He arrives back here on the 17th of December. That is the Saterday before finals. Ok, that's all for now.
China Girl

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Nov. 27

It's the last day of our 5 day break for thanksgiving. Sad. I watched all of the first season of Alias over the break and started the third since I don't own the second. This was my second time watching season one and my third time watching season three. Just before the break I finished watching season four, I can't wait till season 5 comes out on DVD here in China. Soon we should be able to buy the first half of season 5. I'm acually glad that school starts again tomarrow, I like seeing my friends (and my crush) at school. I just found out that HE is going to the banquet with one of my friends, but she said they're just going as friends. So I still have a chance at this guy! I can't wait to see him in a nice suit! I hope my friend and I hang out at the banquet, at least a little. The banquet should be pretty fun this year. The theme is "masquerade" and I'm going as a Greek goddess. I don't have a date, there are 2 girls to every guy at this school, so I'm just going with a few of my friends. I think I shall go watch some more Alias. Fun, fun, fun!
China Girl

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Nov. 17

Krunchy, I listen to you most of the time. I just happen to disagree with you about HIM :) and gye hyun. HE smiled at me twice today! Not gye hyun. K, TTYL,

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Nov. 16

Hey! I have this huge 'crush' on this really nice, to me, guy. My friend Krunchy doesn't exactly aprove of him. But he seems really nice. Mabie I'll write his name latter but I don't know who all reads this and I don't want just anybody at my school to know. I'll think about it. Write later,

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Nov. 10

Ok, nothing much to say but to ya'll who are in the states: if you love a good story, and what more of a look at a person's life in China, check out my friend's blog and read the story she has been writing at http://krunchysworld.blogspot.com/. I love this story and she is the best at writing it. Keep up the good work, Krunchy! Love ya!
Ok, I'll write more later.
China Girl

Monday, November 07, 2005

Nov. 7

Well, Saterday was the play and it went well... I guess. It all went pretty much as I said before. The party wasn't the best sence all we did was line dance, :(. You can probably tell I'm not really a line dancing fan. The actual performance went pretty good. The first one we sang better in, but the second one we acted better in, so it's about equal. I've had a hard day today because I keep being paired with people I don't get along with in group activities. Stress, stress and more stress. Also my Chemistry teacher is insisting that I come in and see her to "go over the things I missed when I was sick last week" and I understand it all perfectly. What I'm having a hard time with is Algebra 2, but it takes a lot of time to go in and acually talk to him and understand what he is telling me 'cause math is not one of my strong points. Oh, well.
China Girl

Friday, November 04, 2005

Nov. 4

Sooo, we've been practising for a play this last month and a half. And tomarrow night is the performance. This last week we've stayed at school till about midnight, sometimes later, every night. It's a musical so we have to memorize lines, songs and dances. It is sooo much work, but it's worth it... I hope.
I've had play practise till midnight and homework to do, so I'm pretty tired. luckly some homework can be done at practise when I'm not acually on stage. The day we perform we are at school all day. First there is costumes and make-up, then we run through the play, then people start arriving for the 2:00 performance. After we finish the play it will be about 4:30-ish, then we have a break and eventually dinner. Then it is about 6-ish so we start every scene and song, then people arrive for the 7:00 performance. That one always has a lot of people. After that is finally done it will be about 9:30-ish, then is the best part... the cast party! The twins, (Jack and Preston May) bring thier music and people bring food and we stay up late and talk, dance, relax and just have fun. Well I want to get some sleep 'cause I've barely had any this last week. I don't have to be at school till noon tomarrow so I can sleep in some but I'm gonna go to bed anyway.
China Girl