Sunday, November 27, 2005

Nov. 27

It's the last day of our 5 day break for thanksgiving. Sad. I watched all of the first season of Alias over the break and started the third since I don't own the second. This was my second time watching season one and my third time watching season three. Just before the break I finished watching season four, I can't wait till season 5 comes out on DVD here in China. Soon we should be able to buy the first half of season 5. I'm acually glad that school starts again tomarrow, I like seeing my friends (and my crush) at school. I just found out that HE is going to the banquet with one of my friends, but she said they're just going as friends. So I still have a chance at this guy! I can't wait to see him in a nice suit! I hope my friend and I hang out at the banquet, at least a little. The banquet should be pretty fun this year. The theme is "masquerade" and I'm going as a Greek goddess. I don't have a date, there are 2 girls to every guy at this school, so I'm just going with a few of my friends. I think I shall go watch some more Alias. Fun, fun, fun!
China Girl


At 7:54 PM, Blogger Icicle4Him said...

Hey, glad you had a good break. When do you get out for xmas break?

P.S. since, not sence (does it bother you if i correct you?)


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