Friday, November 04, 2005

Nov. 4

Sooo, we've been practising for a play this last month and a half. And tomarrow night is the performance. This last week we've stayed at school till about midnight, sometimes later, every night. It's a musical so we have to memorize lines, songs and dances. It is sooo much work, but it's worth it... I hope.
I've had play practise till midnight and homework to do, so I'm pretty tired. luckly some homework can be done at practise when I'm not acually on stage. The day we perform we are at school all day. First there is costumes and make-up, then we run through the play, then people start arriving for the 2:00 performance. After we finish the play it will be about 4:30-ish, then we have a break and eventually dinner. Then it is about 6-ish so we start every scene and song, then people arrive for the 7:00 performance. That one always has a lot of people. After that is finally done it will be about 9:30-ish, then is the best part... the cast party! The twins, (Jack and Preston May) bring thier music and people bring food and we stay up late and talk, dance, relax and just have fun. Well I want to get some sleep 'cause I've barely had any this last week. I don't have to be at school till noon tomarrow so I can sleep in some but I'm gonna go to bed anyway.
China Girl


At 2:40 PM, Blogger Ariell said...

Hey manda!! Sounds like you had fun! I want to go to a party but oh well! Its awesomet o see when you write on ur blog i cant wait to read your next one ttyl!
love ya!


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